Cryogenic Deflashing Services

If you are not quite ready to invest in your own cryogenic deflasher, Cryogenic Systems & Parts has you covered with full-service contract deflashing right here in our Anaheim, CA facility. We can handle small or large orders, and we guarantee a quality outcome. Contract cryogenic deflashing service is also a great way to test our machines to determine which one might be right for your business.

For example, our basket-style rubber deflashing machines are ideal for tumbling smaller parts. The smaller, well-surrounded basket ensures that even small parts won’t break loose. On the other hand, our belt-style deburring machines can handle larger parts with more room for tumbling. With our versatile fleet of equipment, we can provide cryogenic deflashing services for all your manufactured rubber and plastic parts.

Pricing is dependent upon load size and the machine required to deflash your particular material. We will tailor our service to your specific needs. Contact us today at Cryogenic Systems & Parts to learn more about our cryogenic deburring services and how we can assist you. You can also browse our selection of machines if you’re interested in finding a deburring machine of your own.

Please note: if you are sending test parts to our facility, please include a data sheet stating your part’s compound material, part number, and a finished sample for our reference. We’ll do the rest!