Cryogenic Deflashing Equipment

There are two basic styles of cryogenic deflashing equipment – basket and belt.

Baket Style cryogenic deflashingThe basket style was designed to process small parts and offers 100% parts containment. The contained basket style helps keep even the smallest rubber parts contained during the tumble and blasting process. It’s crucial to have deflashing machines for rubber parts in various sizes and shapes.

Belt Style Cryogenic Deflashing MachineThe belt style was designed for larger/heavier parts which require more room to tumble and a stronger rotation system. The reinforced belt system makes it easier for cryogenic deflashing and deburring systems to support larger rubber parts for tumbling.

At Cryogenic Systems & Parts, we offer both styles of cryogenic deburring machines to offer deburring for parts of various sizes. If you’re looking for some of the most reliable and longest lasting cryogenic deflashing equipment on the market, browse our selection of machines here at Cryogenic Systems & Parts. Contact us today if you have any additional questions about the deburring equipment or process.