We build the world’s most efficient, long-lasting and economical cryogenic deflashing machines.

For more than 30 years, molders and original equipment manufacturers in the rubber industry have entrusted Cryogenic Systems & Parts to provide cryogenic deflashing machines that will precisely deflash their injection molded, extrusion molded and compression molded parts. We are internationally sought out for our unmatched quality and exemplary service.

What Is Cryogenic Deflashing?

Cryogenic high-speed shot blast deflashing is a process for removing flash from molded rubber parts. We use liquid nitrogen, high-speed rotation and shot blasted plastic media in varying combinations to remove the flash in a highly precise, economical and expedient manner.

Parts that have thin flash can be quickly and thoroughly cryogenically deflashed. This process is exceptionally good at removing the inner dimensional and complex flash that cannot be removed by any other method.

Cryogenic Systems Parts before and after deflashing